Happy Christmas !



Dear Visitors

Dear Visitors,

thank you so much for your interest , thanks for passing by even if it's been really quite on the blog

Please help me to let know my  blog by other people

As those of you who knows me ,may know I'm not on facebook or twitter or what so ever

If you like what you see Please share it on your facebook page, make a tweet, pin me on pinterest,or instagram me

Feel free to use my pics ,but please ,put a link to my blog below

Thank you so much to the owner of the FB group" We want Burger king in Belgium" who already edit my Burger king piece on his group.

Cheers everyone !

Rainbow face



Finally done with this big colorful piece

Final size is 2M 15 large / 1 M high

so many stiches

It can be  a blanket or a mural if you have very big walls