Amazing crocheting news

The super talented crochet hero NORDIN KJETIL from Norway

spent 6,5 years crocheting a super Mario blanket,

the result is quite AMAZING


more pics here http://imgur.com/a/1OS53


It took him 800 hours and more than 100 balls of yarn

WOW Respect Man !






Jeff Buckley Blanket


I made this big blanket for my dear friend Vanessa birthday,

to be honnest I couldn't wait for her birthday to come, and gave it to her today

I never witness such  a reaction on a crochet gift I made

she screamed her lungs out  jumped for joy and kissed me

I think she's very happy with it

Seriously to see such a joy in her eyes , it erase all the hours i spent on it       

Sorry but I slept with him while making it ;) and for the little anectode a few days ago, when I almost crossed the finnish line I dozed off in front of tv , and Jeff woke me up appearing on TV singing " Hallelujah"  wow that was such a sign !




Pattern by Vicky Chan

Vicky Chan is my favorite crochet designer, her patterns are always feminine and elegant

and most of all they are so clear and nice to work with

This is the fourth pattern of her that I made , and it's always such a pleasure.

Thank you Vicky !